Welcome to fugoSushi.com Frequently Asked Questions. Just browse through the list of questions, and if you find an answer that matches your question you may have already won!

Q. Where be my NoiseOrgan?

A. We have taken your request into careful consideration, and are happy to announce the noise organ can be found here.

Q. When will there be pudding oozing from my computer as a result of fugoSushi.com?

A. If you wish for pudding to ooze:
Then you have come to the right place!! We specialize in the oozing of pudding and pudding type products. If you act now, we will send you a free carton of our latest pudding and/or pudding type products in exciting new flavors! And as a special bonus, the pudding cups double as penis enlarger pumps!!

If you do not wish pudding to ooze:
CAUTION!! CUIDADO!! ACHTUNG!! PISO MO-PUDDO!! Stand back from your computer! Do not look directly at your screen! fugoSushi.com cannot be held liable for oozing, oozing-related activity, and/or acts of pudding.

Q. So how's the fish?

A. The fish are doing just fine.

Q. As many of us know, the word Sushi denotes lightly vinegared rice. In America, it means the colorful edible modern art that entails raw fish. The
only question that leaves me is... What the hell is Fugo?

A. "fugo" is a derivative from the word "fugu" which is the name of a
particular puffer fish, the "fugu rubripes" ...a toxic, poisonous and
extremely deadly fish. In Japan, they eat it raw....and some people have died.

Q. Yes.

A. Okay.

Q. Exactly why is Squeeze n' Squirt Action so amazing?

A. We don't know exactly. It is a miracle of rubber-based bath toys.

Q. I can't get the NoiseOrgan to make the sound of salmon croquettes! Am I having enough sex?

A. We don't know exactly. It is a miracle of rubber-based bath toys.

Q. What the who?!

A. I hear that question a lot. Well, if you must know, my name is Chris. I'm a visual artist and media alchemist. Sometimes i dabble in film. Here be my professional portfolio.


Q. Although you have the handy-dandy magically appearing navigation menu at the top of each page here, i noticed there is not an option for "HOME."
being the OCD freak i am, i really like to start at the homepage before moving on to the next section of a website. have you ever considered putting a "home" option in the menu?
Also, i like "home." it's where the heart is. it's also where you make it. and also, it must be made, not bought. oh yeah, keep up the good work!

A. Thank you dear reader for your kind comments and thoughtful question. there is indeed a "HOME" button on the retractable navigation bar at the top of every page -- click on where it says [fugosushi * com] to the right of the circular icons. why not try it right now.

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